a short BIO:

Born 7 May 1980 in Russia, Moscow


At age of 7 years began to learn & use my first computer - Intel 286 with MS-DOS.

Later at age of 13 started to explore 3D Studio (DOS) and other 3D graphics stuff,

then at age of 18 went to work to Moscow's Silicon Graphics (SGI) office to get an

access to their harware (I still have an o2 workstation & SGI SW1600  at home :-)


In 2000-2010 had a different jobs related to business, marketing and finance.


In 2007 after travelling a lot of time with my Macbook Pro 17" I've understood

that laptops does not meet needs in processing power of pro-users and decided

to create a new system. It was my first invention, MODUL8 - a modular komputer.


As a hobby I like to ride on sport bikes, photography, concept art, electronic music